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Pet Psychic - Pet Medium - Transformational Coaching with Animals

As an animal communicator, Vanessa facilitates profound communication between you and your animal companion – living or spirit.

As an animal priestess, Vanessa helps you directly tap into animal wisdom.  In so doing, you receive life-transforming messages straight from the mouths of wild and domestic animals.  Are you ready to live a life of greater ease, joy, and empowerment? 

Animal communication

Would you like to have a sit-down heart-to-heart conversation

with your animal companion(s)?  Did you know animals have a level of awareness and ability to communicate that is far above what most people realize?

how it works

Vanessa is similar to a translator or interpreter, but for animals rather than humans.  Instead of speaking a foreign language, Vanessa "speaks" the same intuitive language your animal does so she can relay messages back and forth between you and your animal companion.

Voila', you and your animal companion are having a conversation!  
(Intuitive language involves the 8 different Clair-Senses.  Learn more below.)

benefits Of 

communicating with animals

  • Have a Conversation & Learn More About Your Animal

  • Do a Quick Check-In

  • Communicate With & Learn About a New Animal

  • Gain Insight into Behavior Issues & Respectfully Address Behavior Concerns

  • Develop a Deeper and Better Relationship 

  • Find Out About their Level of Happiness

  • Find Out About their Wishes & Wants

  • Do they Like their Food or Address Food Problems

  • Favorite Activity or Place

  • Do they Like their Caretaker When You're Away

  • Gain Insight into Health Concerns

  • Closure with a Passed Animal

  • Locate a Missing Animal - not yet offered

  • End of Life Questions

  • Assist Animals in Transition

  • Special Requests

  • Discover the Truth - We Can Communicate with Animals

  • Awaken Your Intuitive Abilities 

  • Receive Direct Wisdom & Guidance from Animals - Wild & Domestic

  • Connect to Divine Source/Grow Spiritually
  • Release Your Limitations/Heal Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions

  • Establish a Soul Connection with an Animal No Longer in the Physical Body

  • Experience Expanded Consciousness

  • Transcend the Ego & Find Your True Power - Your Heart

  • Revere & Appreciate All Life - from the Whale to the Ant

  • Raise Global Consciousness

  • Discover Your Purpose or Greater Calling

  • Approach Life from a Place of Love & Compassion

  • Tap Into Your Greater Strength & Courage - Feel More Empowered

  • Become a Better Caretaker & Guardian of Animals & Mother Earth

  • Live in Harmony with Nature, Animals, and Elementals

Connection - Communication - Confirmation - Reassurance - Resolution - Understanding
Love - Joy - Peace

Preparing for your reading

You DO NOT need to provide details other than your animal’s name and your primary reason for engaging in a conversation with them.

At the top of the call, Vanessa will provide a few of the details below to verify we are connecting with your desired animal.

  • Physical Appearance (possibly breed)

  • Unique Markings

  • Personality Traits

  • Favorite Activities/Toys/Places

  • Living Environment

  • Age Range

  • Type of Diet

  • Abnormal or Excessive Behaviors

  • Injuries and/or Illnesses

  • Manner of Passing (if applicable)

  • For your reading, it works best to be in a quiet environment free from distractions.

  • It can be helpful to have questions or topics ready that you want to ask/address with your animal companion.

  • You may want to take notes during your reading, or you can record your reading.

  • Living animals do not need to be present, they should be awake in order to communicate with them.

  • Also, it is not uncommon for animals or passed loved ones other than those requested to make an appearance.

additional services

coming soon!

Hear Them Speak

A twelve-week course on how to listen and talk to animals. You do have the capacity; it's just a matter of reclaiming your natural-born abilities.  

  Are you ready to help save the world by giving animals a voice?

Animals Say the Wisest Things

A monthly animal wisdom transformational-coaching group. You will learn how to directly and intuitively connect, soul-to-soul with a wide variety of animals, and then integrate their powerful animal wisdom teachings into your daily life.

Become your boldest and best self with animal life coaches!

Mother Earth TV

A channel featuring entertaining, educational, and inspiring shows about animals, nature, elementals, and spirit.

It's like a more evolved version of the Discovery Channel /Animal Planet.

Pet Loss Group

Through this online pet bereavement group, you will come to know that you are not alone and that everything you are feeling is normal. You will connect with a community here to assist you on your healing journey by validating your grief, and by providing you with comfort, support, and a place to share in the memory of your precious animal companion.  And if you wish, connect to the soul of your animal.

Your animal companion was not "just" a dog, cat, horse...


In January of 2019, my beloved Westie named Dustin, passed away. This loss was excruciatingly painful for me and as I was flooded with a tsunami of grief, I questioned whether I would survive it. Throughout my life, my animal companions have always been a source of refuge and love, something that was deeply needed due to some childhood trauma. Dustin was super special though; he was also my guru and my co-pilot in life. He always lived peacefully and joyfully in the NOW, as you can see from his dirty snout in the photo above. People who met him would often say he was like a wise human, a sage. I often called him, little man. A few weeks after his passing, I decided to try my first ever animal reading with an animal communicator/pet medium. As I got on the phone with the pet medium, I immediately felt Dustin excitedly sitting in front of me looking up at me. The pet medium then said, “Dustin wants me to tell you your little man is sitting right in front of you.” I had never told her I called him that. I love that kind of confirmation!  She went on to tell me many more things that were spot on.

For the love of dustin

Vanessa's Story & Backgroud

Dustin, being aware of how difficult his passing was for his mom, continued to let me know he was still here in spirit form. Immediately after his passing, I would regularly feel (clairsentience) Dustin’s spirit pop in. Then I would hear (clairaudience) him loudly and excitedly say, “Hi mommy, I’m here!”, causing me to melt into a puddle of tears. In fact, immediately after I put Dustin to sleep, I was sitting in my car telling my mom on the phone he was gone while balling my eyes out. As soon as I hung up with mom, Dustin was there impatiently tapping his paw so to speak, he wanted to let me know he was here and that my dog walking duties were still not over. He requested we go for a walk at one of his favorite parks and so I went.

Walk, sniff, of Dustin's favorite things to do. 

Today, Dustin's visits mostly make me super happy as I feel the familiarity of his innate joyfulness and feel grateful for our continuing relationship. He still suggests we go for walks  together, usually when he  knows I need to get off my computer and take a break from work, or when he seems in the mood to do what we use to do. How does he do this? An image of a place we use to go for walks is suddenly inserted into my brain (clairvoyance). Or I will feel a prodding (clairsentience) to get up off my butt while at the same time an image (clairvoyance) of his leash pops into my head. Or I will excitedly hear him say, “Let’s go for a walk!” (clairaudience), almost like he’s mimicking the way I use to say it to him. He always did have and still has quite the sense of humor. 

Dustin only allowed me to take a day off from walking if I happened to be very sick and had a doctor's note. All other excuses were unacceptable, except if I were busy making a tasty meal.

Although Dustin’s visits after his passing were not the first time I had received metaphysical communication from Dustin, it was the first time that I decided to actually explore it. As a result of this continued spirit communication, I became inspired to develop my abilities further and I completed an animal communication training taught by Dr. Cara Gubbins. Going through her training was one of the best experiences of my life. When I die and look back on my life, it will be one of the things I am most proud that I did while here on earth. These days I regularly communicate with animals, nature, elementals, and spirit, which makes life so much more magickal and divinely guided. And now, I am so excited to be able to offer my animal communication and animal priestess skills to help other people have a better and deeper relationship with animals.

Chillin' on the couch, waiting for mom to finish fixing dinner so he can partake.

Eddie Murphy in the Dr. Dolittle movie.

As an ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR/PET MEDIUM, I facilitate profound communication between you and your animal companion(s). Yes, they really can speak to us, and we, all of us really can hear to them speak. Dr. Dolittle is not just a fictional story. Communication happens through the various eight different Clair-Senses such as clairvoyance (clear-seeing), claircognizance (clear-knowing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), clairsentience (clear-physical-feeling), clairempathy (clear-emotional-feeling), clairtangency (clear-touching), clairsalience (clear-smelling), and clairgustance (clear-tasting). These extrasensory or psychic senses are as real as our ability to see the physical world with our physical eyes or taste physical food with our physical mouth. It’s just that those “supernatural” abilities have often been forgotten, ignored, or programmed into hiding due to our culture and/or parental upbringing.
In fact, through my other business called FemYinist Media (, I am passionate about helping women and girls reclaim their feminine superpowers. Talking to animals is one of those superpowers. I envision one day also supporting very young girls in maintaining their magick so they don’t have to go through the tragedy of forgetting their full-scale gifts and abilities.

So, imagine being able to know if your animal companion likes their food, or if they have an ouchy, or if they are happy. Or what if you could find out why they are behaving in a way you might not like, and then gracefully and respectfully resolve that behavior issue?

They can also tell us if they are ready to cross over or what is needed to make their transition more graceful for both you and them. And, they can communicate with us from the other side and guide our lives as animal-angels or animal life-coaches.

Whatever you wish to learn, you and your animal companion will be able to understand each other better and have a more fulfilling relationship. If your animal companion has crossed over, you will be able to connect with their spirit and find peace and healing.

We are born with the ability to communicate with animals.

Here's some guidance I received from a wild horse in the etheric plane when I asked for some advice about an upcoming meeting: A wild horse appeared, then he took me for a very fast sprint on his back without a saddle. Then he said, "Live your life more in the energy of unbridled freedom." The sensation of riding wildly on his back, along with his divine message, inspired me to take a much bolder stance in an upcoming pitch meeting and I nailed it!

As an ANIMAL PRIESTESS, I help you learn to directly and intuitively connect, soul-to-soul with a wide variety of animals who are eager to share their wisdom and help you live your boldest and best life. Through their profound messages and energetic transmissions imprinted within your very cells, you will not only discover and/or strengthen your intuitive skills, but also feel more supported, guided, and empowered on your life journey. Just imagine having animals as your personal life coaches - your support team. They’ve got your back!

Pigeon Story - my personal life coach

One of my favorite interactions with a wild animal was with a handsome pigeon in a park. I had never seen a pigeon with such an impressive plume of colors; he had yellow, purple, red, orange, and black glistening feathers. I decided to let him know that I thought he was quite the looker. I said hello to him and let him know how handsome he was. I was genuinely amazed by his colors, so the emotional intensity of my appreciation was significant. I continued to take a few moments to enjoy his feathers and compliment him while I sat relaxing on a park bench.

Then I was interrupted, I received one of those annoying telemarketing calls on my cell phone. After blocking the number, I further became distracted by a story on my news feed and started reading it. Then shockingly, like a child bursting into a full-throttle scream during prayer in church, I was startled out of my mobile device trance. I heard, “HEY, ADMIRE ME SOME MORE!” By the way, when I hear an animal's voice in my head, it often sounds totally different from my voice. If I had a group of animals in front of me and were to repeat what they have to say, it would sound like I was doing voice-over for an animated animal movie.

Anyway, I immediately put my phone down and went back to admiring this guy. Then, something incredible happened. At first, I was admiring him as myself, the observer. Then spontaneously my consciousness shifted and I began experiencing his consciousness.

This pigeon is close, but I did not get a picture of the pigeon in my story because I was too immersed in the experience and then he took off.

I was suddenly able to feel the energy of my appreciation as he was experiencing it and soaking it in. Wow, mind-blowing, right!?  Well, actually, mind expansion or expansion of consciousness.

You look amazing!

The beautiful thing about this expansion of consciousness was that I learned a powerful life lesson on a deep somatic level. I was able to experience being another BEING that was entirely capable of receiving admiration. As women, how many times do we push off a compliment or look in the mirror and criticize ourselves? I remember thinking to myself afterward that if I could live my life fully able to appreciate myself and receive appreciation from others as he did, then I would be unstoppable.


Anytime I start leaning towards criticizing myself, I stop and tap into the sensory memory of that experience still living within my cells. So, to this day, that pigeon in the park continues to be my personal development coach. How amazing is that?!

In conclusion, Dustin loved to roll in the morning dew. Take baths...not so much. I finally let go of the battle and mostly let him be as dirty as he wanted until it became a little too unbearable. I wish I had a picture of him the day he rolled in a huge pile of horse manure. It took about 5 baths to get rid of the smell. 

I am so grateful that my deep and profound love for Dustin helped open me up to the enriching, fempowering, and magickal experience of being in communication with animals, nature, elementals, and spirit.

Thank you, Dustin, my LOVE.

Dustin after joyfully rolling in the morning dew.  Dustin's sage advice...

Dew Life To The Fullest!

If It Feels Good Dew It! 

For the love of Dustin and all animals, Vanessa has combined all her skills to create an online destination with a variety of animal-focused services. Including animal readings, animal-based transformational coaching, animal communication courses, online groups, in-person retreats, and an online animal TV channel.  See upcoming additional services here.

Vanessa's Background

Vanessa Phoenix CCHt. is an animal communicator/pet psychic, pet medium, animal priestess, certified whole-health clinical counseling hypnotherapist, certified medical intuitive, and media producer. She also has a good deal of knowledge in animal behavior having done extensive research, study, and practice for some of her upcoming animal shows.

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